Frequently Asked Questions  


What is SDCLC? 

SDCLC is San Diego Christian Leadership College and it is composed of two delivery types: an internship and SEU college courses. Students can enroll in the internship, the internship and SEU courses, or only SEU courses. The internship is from 12:00PM-9:00PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and involves hands-on ministry experience. 


Can I take SEU courses as a part-time student? 

Yes, you can. Students who are doing SEU courses (without the internship) will be here on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00PM-9:00PM. SEU part-time includes 1 online class each 8 week session (2 online classes a semester). Full-time and part-time SEU students are here the same number of hours. The difference is the number of units you are taking. SEU full-time includes 2 online classes each 8 week session.


What does a normal week for a student look like?

  • Internship:

    • Tuesday and Thursday- 12:00PM-9:00PM,

    • Sunday- 7:30 prayer, attend one service, serve three services

    • Ministry Practicum Hours- 7-10 hours a week

  • SEU Part-time:

    • Tuesday and Thursday 6:00PM-9:00PM (includes 1 online classes each 8-week session)  

    • Sunday- 7:30 prayer, attend one service, serve three services

    • Ministry Practicum Hours- 7-10 hours a week  

  • SEU Full-time:

    • Tuesday and Thursday 6:00PM-9:00PM (2 online classes each 8-week session)

    • Sunday- 7:30 prayer, attend one service, serve three services

    • Ministry Practicum Hours- 7-10 hours a week


*Schedule exceptions will be considered on a case to case basis for students with family, work or other extenuating circumstances


How long is this program?

SDCLC offers rolling admission. Students may begin in either the Fall or Spring semester. Students may stay enrolled as long as it takes them to pursue the degree they have chosen. Full time students may complete the associate’s degree program in two years and the bachelor’s degree program in four years.


What do I receive from this program?

After successfully completing your two (or four) years of study, you are eligible to receive an Associate of Arts, General Education, Associate of Ministerial Leadership (AML), or Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership (BA). In the spring semester, we plan on adding a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Design. Students who complete one year of SDCLC Internship will also be recognized for their accomplishments.


For students planning to pursue a degree program not offered by SDCLC, you may consult an academic advisor after applying to customize your course load toward transfering to another university with that program.


What is the annual cost?


How do I apply?



What is the application fee?

Application is free! Don’t hesitate to apply. It is the quickest way to figure out what credits will transfer in and what degree you can pursue.


Is financial aid being offered?

Because Southeastern University is a regionally accredited institution, its partnership with SDCLC enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid (based on eligibility). To be eligible for such funding, the student must file an Application for Federal Student Aid also known as FAFSA and maintain 12 credit hours each semester. In doing so, the student may apply for the federal aid in the form of a Pell Grant, federal Stafford (student) loan or federal parent loan.


*SEU’s school code is available upon request.

More information available at:


Will there be housing available?

While we currently do not offer housing, students in search of housing options should reach out to


If I’m a returning SDCLC student, what will happen to my credits?

Students may still receive the AA previously offered by SDCLC. For further questions on logistics please


Are you only offering degrees through SEU?

Yes, we are only offering degrees through SEU.


Will there be a night class?

Yes, there will one class on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00 and another class offered on Thursdays from 6:00-7:00. For those interested in auditing these classes, please contact


Is there childcare provided?

No, there will not be childcare provided.


For the part-time program, would there be any option to just attend one time a week?

Yes, this is a special circumstance we will be able to discuss with you on a case-by-case basis.


Should I bring a laptop or desktop computer?

Yes, a laptop or desktop computer will be important to your experience as a student


If I do my Associate of Arts, General Education degree, can I then transfer out to another university?

Yes, you will have no issue getting credit for the classes, but some classes may not transfer out toward desired future degree program. After you apply, you can consult with an academic advisor to ensure all the courses you take support our degree.