San Diego Christian Leadership College


San Diego Christian Leadership College is a program designed to train and equip leaders, whether or not they plan to pursue a career within the church. The program's first focus is establishing strong Christians who have a vibrant relationship with God and are ready to face the storms of life. Classes are designed to help students discover their purpose and establish a solid biblical foundation. The end goal of the program is to help students become leaders who are confident and deeply connected to friends in the church and reach those who are far from God.





you have a purpose

At SDCLC we want you to not only find your purpose but to equip you to get there. No matter what you plan to do in life, or where God is calling you, our classes and hands-on-ministry experience will equip and prepare you for life.


Friendships that

 last a lifetime

Make new deep-spirited friendships. People that love and care for each other, that live life together!


earn a degree.

City Church partners with Southeastern University to offer students at SDCLC affordable degree programs.